Paper, Pulp, & Plastics

There has never been a material I will not attempt to create with.
Materials I grew up inventing with, I am drawn to as an adult.
Exhibiting these works over the years has shined a light on the use of alternative materials. They are worthy.
Creating function from these materials was also one of the things I enjoyed sharing with the public.
‘Snoino’, one of my many big ideas,( onions spelled backward) was a line created from the labels of onion bags that my trusty
produce friends at my local grocery store would save for me. Such incredible art on these labels that would have been tossed in the can. I had to do it.
Bags, and ‘Take it to the Bank Bank’ wallets consumed me for a bit. Woven bags, and other marvels created from plastic.
‘Chicken Good’ is a sculpture Robert and I created.
While waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store I noticed the tabs of plastic left on the rack after the removal of the plastic bags
used to pack your groceries in. I noticed an employee taking them off of the rack to replace them with new bundles of plastic bags
and then proceed to throw them away. There was no way to not ask for them after the vision of giant chicken entered my head.
My supportive checkers would save them for me and I would retrieve them every week.
A dear friend with a sewing shop allowed me to sew feathers from these tabs with their industrial sewing machines.
A giant chicken with a Coca Cola Comb was born thanks to another friend who worked with food vending machines.
Soda plastic packaging was mine for the asking.
A Lot of these sculptures were featured on the sets of ‘Don’t Throw that Away’ as well as exhibited.
Here please find my hand and collaborations with my husband Robert Lee of discoveries made and conquered.
‘Bottle Babies’ for crying out loud.
Art created out of paper, pulp, and plastic.

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