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For Lisa R. Fredenthal-Lee, it has never been a question of lemons or lemonade. She will make Art from either or both, and have the kind of fun doing it that is contagious. She has the Midas touch that causes jaws to drop, and pretenders to blush. Upon encountering Lisa’s work for the first time, one is likely to search for the appropriate words to engage a fresh new face on the Art scene. Her reply: “You ain’t see nothing yet!” And Lisa has been doing this for some 60 years. In an age of labels and short attention spans, Lisa’s work defies compartmentalization. The critic will have difficulty as well because Lisa is not one herself. Her defining characteristics are enthusiasm, exuberance, and an absence of doubt. Lisa’s website is a good place to start. – – – Tom Ruddock, Photographer

“Is this all you?” I inquired. It just was impossible to believe. It was like somebody had gone to the corners of the earth to collect the most exceptional talents in a variety of disciplines, and brought them together under one roof. People who have visited her website tell me that they get it, but that just strikes me as untrue. Yes, you can see the structure and form of her paintings, but the waves of rippling texture that threaten your vision like a tsunami of color? No, that has to be experienced personally to be mowed over by the force of it all.
The originality and the lumosity of her work on fabric and paper is evident, even on the web, but not the soul seeking, light drinking depth of the world that draws you into it. The whimsy of her pulp castings, paper constructions, re-use composites – or, some of my favorites – the figurative compositions that are intricately paper cut from prints inside envelopes that your bills come in. Okay, perhaps these are slightly more accessible through the medium of the screen but nothing like the real encounter. And, by the by, as I said to Fred, you have shifted the universe with the art that you make from your bills. Up to now, there were only two choices, you could pay your bills, or not pay them. Fred is the only person that I know who has figured out a way to get the bills to pay themselves. – – – Patrick Burke, Writer

Born of an artistic family, art has always been a dedication. Lisa has combined traditions having both earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute., and has enjoyed a successful career as an international recording artist. There was a stint as a textile designer creating the early designs for the Joe Boxer brand, commissioned to create Functional Art for Bally International, and the addition of a video creator, producer, and performer of television series, “Don’t Throw That Away!” Another example of how the boundaries of disciplines just won’t hold the girl. – – – Robert Lee, Artist and collaborator in all ways.

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