Functional Art


In 1990 Robert and I began on a new journey. Functional art.
Starting with the pillow commissions in 1986 moving forward to the ottoman.
Next was best. To paint textile with a new destination was inviting to me.
On different sides of the pond, we both grew up with ottomans in our childhood.
Recreating our connection and memories of this very fine form, we approached it with fresh sensibilities.
Robert, being a fine woodworker and furniture maker, began our project by producing the body of the ‘Ottomans’ and upholstered them by hand in canvas.
They were then turned over to me and my paint brush.
After producing 6 ottomans and showing them in 2 group exhibits, we were commissioned by a friend Jim Cox to collaborate with him to create new show rooms
for Bally of Switzerland International. We created bench cushions, pillows and ottomans representing the natural world
for Bally’s new line of shoes and clothing ‘Spirit of the elements ‘
Our pieces were part of Bally showrooms in San Francisco, Paris, and Zurich.

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