In 1979, I met my husband Robert Lee in San Francisco, California.
From day one we were on the same page.
From day one the collaborations began.
From day one every idea was a gift.
Robert and I collaborate as well as independent projects that draw us.
For 46 years we have enjoyed the thrill of an artful life.
For me? Nothing better!

Painting and Neon Extravaganza

Josie Crawford, Lisa R. Fredenthal-Lee, Robert Lee
Josie Crawford is a friend, Artist, and owner of ‘Neon Neon’ in San Francisco in the late 70’s.
‘Neon Neon’ a Neon shop, and Gallery that had its finger on the pulse of possibilities.
Josie and I were in the process of building an exhibit together. “Painting and Neon Extravaganza’ when I met Robert.
Painting, Neon, and Sculpture. The following is our first collaboration with this combination of master skills.

Specimens from the Museum of Unnatural History

After the success of the exhibit ‘Painting and Neon Extravaganza’,
‘Specimens from the Museum of Unnatural History.’ was our next collaboration.
Watching PBS nature programs on my 13 inch black and white television screen, and going to the library to engage myself with books in the color of a natural world I had never seen,
an idea was born. 

To incorporate light, paint, plastic modeling compound, wood, metal and glass together. 3 brains working in sync

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