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For Lisa R Fredenthal-Lee, it has never been a question of lemons or lemonade. She will make art from either or both, and have the kind of fun doing it that is contagious. She has a Midas touch that causes jaws to drop and pretenders to blush. Upon encountering Lisa's work for the first time, one is likely to search for appropriate words to engage a fresh new face on the art scene. Her reply, "You ain't seen nothing yet!" And Lisa has been doing this for some fifty years.

Born of an artistic family, art has always been a dedication.

Lisa has combined traditions having both earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, and has enjoyed a successful career as an international recording artist. There was a stint as a textile designer creating the early designs for the Joe Boxer brand, commissioned to create Functional Art for Bally International, video creator, producer, and performer of television series, 'Don't Throw That Away!' Another example of how boundaries of disciplines just won't hold the girl.

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